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Netcarnation Social Commerce Platform is now Open to All

Here is a quick update. You no longer need a Beta Code to login to and create a new storefront. You can visit and click on the Login link to register a new account and get your new Facebook Storefront. More information can be found here:

The old Netcarnation Marketplace application will no longer be supported. If you are a Facebook user, here is why you need to get your new storefront:

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Introducing 3D storefronts – If U2 can then so can YOU

Have you visited the U2 fan page on Facebook ? If you have, you would've noticed the a cool 3D shop embedded on their Facebook Page. U2 Fans can browse U2 merchandise in 3D and clicking on any merchandise will take them to the U2 shop, where they can actually get to buy the product.

We are proud to announce that we are using the same technology to offer a 3D version of the Netcarnation Storefront. This 3D version, which is still in development, can give provide an awesome user experience to shoppers visiting YOUR Facebook Page ! The 3D storefront is available to all subscribers of the Facebook Pro service, at no additional cost. You can now have both the regular Netcarnation Storefront as well as your 3D storefront configured on the same Facebook Page.

Check out two Netcarnation customers running the cool new 3-D storefront:

Salty Monkey Market

Salty Monkey Market on Bonanza sells a wide variety of collectible, designer, and general purpose stuff for everyone. Check out the 3D Shop on the Salty Monkey Market Fan Page.

Sandy's Collectibles and More

Sandy's Collectibles and More is an ebay store run by Sandy Faust, a top-rated ebay seller. Sandy's store deals with quality glassware and antiques. Browse Sandy's Collectibles and More in 3D

If you are a Facebook Pro subscriber, jump to Step 9 in our QuickStart Guide and get your 3D storefront now !


Netcarnation Social Commerce Platform is here

Check out our new Platform : Netcarnation Social Commerce Platform

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